About LavaClanEdit

LavaClan lives near the volcanoes on the edge of the forest. They have very short hair, because it is very hot near the volcanoes, they have a special type of fur, to keep form being burned. LavaClan eats voles, mice, eagles, and anything they can find! They are awesome fighters, and can be very quiet. LavaClan's cats are known for sticking up for what they believe in, and never giving up.


LavaClan was found by a cat named Fire. She came to the volcanoes, and soon got used to the hotness, she thought she was one of the volcaones, and went mad. She stayed mad her whole life, but she found a mate, and started a clan. When she died legend says she became a volcanoe, and every time she explodes her lava, that is a warning that something very bad will happen.