]Cats on the edge of sanity. They live in the darkest part of the forest. They move in the shadows


Once a black cat named Ghost wondered into the darkest part of the woods and he got lost there. Soon his eyes were used to the pitch blackness of the forest and He found a perfect place for a clan and made a nest. The next morning he finds a group of lost cats that were searching for him, they lead them back into the hollow with the caves. They then started phantom clan

Descending into the abyss

Phantom Clan camps


They are very adapted to living in the dark. The forest is dark even during the day. The cats always spend a couple in the daylight each day. They eat moles, squirrels, birds, and mice. They are able to fight in the trees and on the ground. No clan ever attack because no other cats can see in the blackness of the forest. They attack others.